-- draft for example only --

SSE Development Plan

Component lead: David Williams

Component team:

The primary goal for this component in WTP M2, is to simply "get current" and "get building" on current Eclipse 3.1 stream.

Additionally, there are many API and design changes anticipated to be more "platform quality" and to integrate better with base Eclipse. There are no feature enhancements planned for WTP M2.

Lastly, a major goal for WTP M2 is to get our automated JUnit tests running, including some number of automated performance tests running as part of the build process (using the same framework as is in the base Eclipse builds).

Task Priority Responsible
Person or Team
Planned timeframe Status
local builds, existing unit tests, perf. tests 1 SSE Core Team (Phil) 11/5 to 12/5
new DOM unit tests 3 HELP WANTED
resolve URIResolver
1 SSE Core Team
revamp ModelManager APIs to be compatible
with FileBuffers
1 SSE Core Team
cleanup/improve internal package name designation 2 SSE Core Team
"fix" partioner so adheres to base contract 3 SSE Core Team
fix design of region types to be cleaner 2 SSE Core Team
re-design for memory use improvements 1 SSE Core Team
Example cheatsheet editor 3 Jens
Graphical Table View 2 Jens
DTD Content Assist 2 HELP WANTED
Work on JavaDoc 2 SSE Core Team