Web Tools Platform 1.0 M3 - New and Noteworthy

This milestone brought more improvements in integrating SSE with the rest of Eclipse as well as many under-the-cover changes to make SSE more useful platform as a platform for building more advanced editors. The SSE team still cooked up a few goodies, though:

Structured Source Editing

Integrated Preferences

SSE editors now follow the settings made on the standard Text Editors preference page, including the choice of editor background color.

Text Editors Preference Page

HTML Validation

The HTML editor now features as-you-type validation as well as validation when building.

the HTML Source Page Editor with warnings
A warning about an invalid attribute value, "toptobottom"

HTML Syntax batch Validator shown in preferences

Custom Tag Libraries from Classpath

The JSP editor now supports using custom tag libraries only visible as libraries on the project's Java Build Path, even those exported from other projects.

Explorer showing Libraries on Classpath


At long last there are now Wizards for creating CSS, DTD, and JavaScript files.

Wizard dialog showing new options

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