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Eclipse Web Tools Platform Dali 2.1 Release - New and Noteworthy


Dali JPA Tools

Support for Multiple XML Mapping Files

    Dali now supports mapping configuration with multiple XML mapping files. In addition, mapping files can now be user named.

    Multiple mapping files

EclipseLink Caching Support

    EclipseLink provides advanced caching support to enhance application performance. Dali now supports the configuration of EclipseLink Caching via annotations with rich UI.

    EclipseLink Caching

EclipseLink Mapping File Support

    EclipseLink 1.0 introduced a new EclipseLink XML Mapping File. This mapping file can be used in place of JPA's standard mapping file or can be used to override a JPA mapping file. In additional to allowing all of the standard JPA mapping capabilities it also includes advanced mapping types and options.
    Note: Dali Tooling does not currently support the scenario where an EclipseLink Mapping file overrides a standard JPA mapping file.

    EclipseLink Mapping File Wizard

    Here we see the Structure and Details view of an EclipseLink Mapping File, where editing standard and native metadata are possible within a single file.

    EclipseLink Mapping File

New EclipseLink Entity and Attribute Mapping Options

    The following Entity configuration options can now be configured via Dali: Read-only, Customizer, and Change Tracking. In addition, Mutable and Join Fetch can be configured on the appropriate attribute mappings.

    EclipseLink Type options

EclipseLink Converter Support

    EclipseLink Converters allow conversion between object and data types. They can be used in any attribute mapping to convert between the object and data types without requiring code to be placed in the object model. EclipseLink provides several common converters, but you can also define your own. Dali now supports configuring the provided Converters and custom defined Converters in the UI.

    EclipseLink converters

    Select from a repository of globally defined converters in the attribute mapping.

    EclipseLink converters

Dali 2.0 New and Noteworthy

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