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Eclipse Web Tools Platform WTP 3.4 (Dali 3.2)
New and Noteworthy


Dali Java Persistence Tools

    Dali now provides rich UI and validation for the configuration of EclipseLink's multi-tenancy support. Multi-tenancy allows multiple application tenants to share the same schema using tenant descriptor columns. The current functionality supports "striped" database data known as the "Single Table" strategy.

    EclipseLink Multi-tenancy

Additional JAXB validation and content assist

    Dali has added validation and content assist for the majority of the JAXB mapping constructs including:
    • XmlElement(s)
    • XmlElementRef(s)
    • XmlAnyElement
    • XmlAnyAttribute
    • XmlId
    • XmlIdRef
    • XmlMixed
    • XmlTransient
    • XmlEnum
    • XmlEnumValue
    • XmlSchemaType
    • XmlMimeType
    • XmlJavaTypeAdapter
    • and others...

    Static weaving is for those wishing to take advantage of EclipseLink's weaving support (where dynamic weaving isn't available or isn't an option). Dali has made the actual weaving process easier by integrating it into the IDE and standard Eclipse build mechanism. The allows the user to automatically weave their code with every incremental compile.

    Static weaving can be configured at the workspace or project properties level. In the project properties, look in JPA->EclipseLink to find the configuration options.

    EclipseLink Static Weaving

    Dali now offers support for creating and configuring EclipseLink Dynamic Entities. Dynamic persistence provides access to a relational database with all the benefits of JPA without coding or maintaining Java classes. The classes are created dynamically at runtime as needed.

    Dali provides dynamic entities from tables support, which is similar to our regular entity generation.

    Dynamic Entity Gen Menu

    Dynamic Entity Gen Wizard

    Dynamic Entity Gen Wizard

    Dynamic Entity Gen Wizard

    Dynamic entities enjoy all of the same Dali functionality, including validation, code completion, and a rich UI for mapping and persistence unit configuration.

    Dynamic Entity Gen Workbench

    New functionality assists further in the mapping of dynamic entities, including virtual attribute and attribute-type support.

    Add Virtual Attribute

    Attribute Type

JPA Metadata Conversion

    Dali will now convert all "global" annotated JPA metadata to XML mapping file format. It is considered a best practice to define global metadata (such queries and generators) in an XML mapping file since these items are global to the persistence unit.

    Convert Menu

    Convert Wizard

    Dali Juno adds a variety of features in support of EclipseLink JAXB. Probably the most notable of these is the new support for @XmlPath content assist and validation. You can now easily traverse down a deeply nested XML structure with ease when specifying XmlPath values.

    XmlPath code completion

    In addition to the content assist, validation will help keep your mappings correct in the face of a changing schema or a simple typo. Catch these errors at design time instead of runtime.

    XmlPath Validation

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