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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.0
New and Noteworthy


JavaServer Faces Tools

Completed enhancements to the Tag Registry and Component Tree Views

    See here for information on Alternative View Handler support

    Tag Registry View

    The Tag Registry View allows a JSF user to browse the JSF tags declared in each project including information about what components, converters and validators they create at runtime.

    Picture of resolver extension in plugin.xml editor

    Component Tree View

    The Component Tree View allows a user to browse a design-time approximation of what a view (i.e. a JSP page or Facelet XHTML) will look like at runtime. This component tree will also be used by an increasing number of component-based features in the future.

    Picture of resolver extension in plugin.xml editor

    The Source tab of the Web Page Editor (WPE) supports Hyperlink on a Managed Bean variable, Managed Bean property and Managed Bean method referenced in the Expression Language(EL) of a tag-attribute. Users can (Ctrl+click) on the hyperlink to navigate to the source of the Managed Bean.


Hover Help support in WPE's Source tab

    The Source tab of the Web Page Editor (WPE) provides Hover Help on all symbols defined in the Expression Language(EL) of a tag-attribute including references to Managed Beans and Resource Bundles.

    Hover Help

Enhancements to Web Page Editor (WPE) Property Pages

    The tabbed property pages in the Web Page Editor (WPE) have been enhanced. This change is important for adopters of the project. See Enhancements to WPE Property Pages for details.

Support for Apache MyFaces Trinidad

    Apache MyFaces Trinidad tags are now supported in the Web Page Editor, in source editors, and in the Properties view.

    Trinidad tags in the Web Page Editor

    Code-assist for Trinidad tags in source editors

    Advanced property sections for Trinidad tags

Improvements to EL content assist and hover help

    Thanks to Matthias Fuessel for providing improvements to our EL support:
    Improved icons and additional info in content assist
    Improved info in content assist

New EL framework enhancements

    Thanks to Xiaonan Jiang at IBM for driving new framework requirements and providing prototypes.

    Decorative Variable and Property Resolvers

    To better support the decorative nature of JSF variable and property resolvers, we have added the ability to register decorative design time resolvers to the default application manager. Decorative resolvers are called only if the runtime resolver that they are associated with is found in the configuration of the current web project. For more information see: here

    Picture of resolver extension in plugin.xml editor

    Enhancements to symbol creation API

    We have refactored several internal symbol creation methods and combined them with contributions by Matthias Fuessel and Xiaonan Jiang (IBM), to create a new set of extension points to simplify creation of common JSF symbols. See here for more details.

    We have also made the symbol creation methods available on a new factory called JSFSymbolFactory.

New EL validation preferences

    New validation preferences for EL validation problems allow you to change the severity of type assignment problems between Error, Warning and Ignore.

    Shows new preference options in the JSF->Validation properties page

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