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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.0
New and Noteworthy


Dali JPA Tools

    An EclipseLink Platform has been added for M7. This includes persistence.xml editing support with EclipseLink options. Also included is integrated DDL Generation support. This support drops and creates tables using the user supplied libraries.

    EclispeLink Persistence XML Editor

Default design-time schema setting for Connection

    This feature provides an override for the Dali based schema name derived from the connection. This allows the end user to set a default design-time schema for their project, if Dali did not calculate the right default (which it cannot in some cases).

    Default Schema setting for Connection

XML Mapping File Creation Wizard

    Now you can generate an XML Mapping File at any time (not just during project creation). Just go to the New menu, and under JPA you'll see the Mapping File item.

    XML Mapping File wizard

New Entity Wizard

    A New Entity Wizard has been added to simplify the process of adding an Entity to your project from scratch. It handles adding the mapping info to a given mapping file, configuring fields, and other various settings.

    New Entity Wizard

    New Entity Wizard 2

Generic Persistence XML Editor

    Generic editing support for the persistence.xml file has been added in M6. This will provide users with a way to edit the persistence.xml file without writing raw XML. It also provides an extension mechanism for adopters to add their own provider specific persistence.xml editing content.

    Persistence XML Editor

JPA Project Explorer

    JPA Content is now available in the Project Explorer. This can be used to browse the structure and content of a JPA project, as defined by the persistence.xml. The Explorer also allows navigation of a project, with double-click access to the associated resource.

    Project Explorer

Convert Java project to JPA project

    This new feature provides a way to easily convert an existing Java project into a JPA project. The JPA project wizard will allow you to configure the JPA aspects of the project

    Project Conversion

Named Query support

    You can now define and manage named and native queries in the UI.

    Named Queries

Full Column definition

    Columns can now be fully defined via the UI. This can be useful for top-down development.

    Named Queries

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