Eclipse Web Tools Platform 1.5 - New and Noteworthy

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Server Tools

More Installable Servers

Support for automatically downloading and installing server adapters has been expanded to include WebSphere Application Server Community Edition v1.0 and Pramati Server v4.1.

New installable servers

Background server installation

Server adapters are now downloaded in the background, allowing users to continue working while they are installed.

Progress downloading servers

Enhanced Run on Server support

A new set of dialogs allows the user to decide what to do when they have used "Run on Server" in a different mode than the server is running in, e.g. choosing Debug on Server when the server is in Run mode. The dialog has new options as well, allowing the user to change the mode of the server and to enable or disable breakpoints.

Run on Server dialog

Additional Launching preferences

The new Launching preference page allows the user to customize launch options and configure how the UI will behave when the server is in a different mode than what the user has requested.

Launching preferences