WTP 1.5 Contributor Recognition
web tools platform release 1.5 - contributor recognition
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Contributor Recognition

WTP 1.5 could not have been produced and released without the effort of many developers from the Eclipse community. WTP would like to recognize the following contributors to the WTP 1.5 release:

David Williams for his contributions to WTP feature definitions, the update manager site and build oversight.
Jesper S Møller for many good bug submissions and patch contributions to WTP especially for XML and Web Services related function.
Wolfgang Knauf for reporting important and detailed bug descriptions for JST ranging from modules, servers to EJBs and providing suggestions to fix these bugs and improve WTP.
Bala Balakumran, Darryl Miles, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Igor Fedorenko, Hirotaka Matsumoto, John Pitman, Kelvin Cheung, Panagiotis Korros, Simon Gunzenreiner, Tomer Mahlin, Wolfgang Knauf and Yen Lu for their excellent contributions of bug reports.
All the regular WTP committers and contributors without whom this project would have no life.