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Who's running this project?

This page lists the people who are currently occupying the PMC, group, and subproject leadership roles described in the project charter . We welcome new people who want to get involved and can make a contribution. The Eclipse Project is a meritocracy. The more you contribute the more responsibility you will earn.


We ask that you do not email us directly. Instead - use the mailing lists . Mailing lists have been set up for each area of work, and are the best way to get involved.


The Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project is managed by a small group known as the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project Management Committee ( PMC ). The work of the Project is organized into subprojects. Each subproject has a leader who has overall responsibility for its success. Large subprojects are further divided into component teams, each of who has a leader that is responsible for its overall success. We have listed just the PMC, group, and subproject leaders here but you will encounter many dedicated eclipse project committers and developers in the newsgroup and mailing lists .

Project Management Committee
  • David Williams , IBM (Eclipse Planning Council representative from WTP)
    PMC Lead.
  • Naci Dai , Eteration
    Naci leads the J2EE Standard Tools (JST) project.
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan , Oracle
    Raghu leads the Java Server Faces (JSF) project.
  • Tim deBoer , IBM
    Tim leads the Web Server Tools component.
  • Neil Hauge , Oracle
    Neil leads the Dali project.
Architecture Lead
Requirements Lead
Planning Lead
Quality Assurance Lead
Community Liason
Education Lead