wtp 3.5.0 RC2 pmc review bug list
Web Tools 3.5.0 RC2 Bugs for PMC Review
  This document lists bugs that require PMC approval in WTP 3.5 RC2 or for Dali 3.3 RC2
Currently there is (are) 1 vote(s) required for PMC Approval during this phase of development.

For details, refer to the WTP PMC Review process. and the WTP ramp down plan for Kepler.

If a bug does not showing up in this list, that you think should show up in this list, be sure that

  1. the bug's milestone target is set and is accurate,
  2. that status whiteboard has "PMC" in it, and
  3. that the review flags are for "pmc_approved" (not merely the "review" flag).
If all condidtions are met, and doesn't show up after several minutes (say, 30 minutes or so), feel free to send a note to wtp-releng to call attention to the problem. It could be a bug in this script.

Defect List
Count Bug Review Status Owner Yes No
1406238ApprovedPaul FullbrightChuck Bridgham  
2408354ApprovedCarl AndersonRaghu Srinivasan
Neil Hauge 
3408900ApprovedPaul FullbrightNeil Hauge  
4408905ApprovedNeil HaugeNeil Hauge  
5409090ApprovedPetya SabevaNeil Hauge  

You can use this approved list for above table to first list all the bugs in that table with the bugzilla web interface, and then narrow or sort the result how ever you would like.