wtp 3.2 RC2 pmc review bug list
Web Tools 3.2 RC2 Bugs for PMC Review
  This document lists bugs that require PMC approval in WTP 3.2 RC2or for Dali 2.3 RC2
Currently there is (are) 1 vote(s) required for PMC Approval during this phase of development.

For details, refer to the WTP PMC Review process. and the WTP ramp down plan for Helios.

If a bug does not showing up in this list, that you think should show up in this list, be sure the bug's target is set appropriately, that status whiteboard has "PMC" in it, and that that the review flags are for "pmc_approved" (not merely the regular "review" flag). If so, and doesn't show up after several minutes (say, 30 minutes or so), feel free to send a note to wtp-releng to call attention to the problem.

Defect List
Count Bug Review Status Owner Yes No
1253691ApprovedCameron BatemanTim deBoer  
2259465ApprovedIan TewksburyNeil Hauge  
3269069ApprovedCameron BatemanDavid Williams  
4269080ApprovedCameron BatemanTim deBoer  
5270982ApprovedNeil HaugeTim deBoer  
6281995ApprovedValentin BaciuDavid Williams  
7286699ApprovedAngel VeraRaghu Srinivasan  
8287442ApprovedElson YuenRaghu Srinivasan  
9289743ApprovedKonstantin KomissarchikDavid Williams  
10294630ApprovedKonstantin KomissarchikTim deBoer  
11295663ApprovedGerry KesslerTim deBoer  
12305630ApprovedKate PriceDavid Williams  
13309224ApprovedChuck BridghamDavid Williams  
14309395ApprovedMark HutchinsonTim deBoer  
15310164ApprovedDimitar GiormovTim deBoer  
16311032ApprovedEric PetersTim deBoer  
17311100ApprovedNitin DahyabhaiDavid Williams  
18311187ApprovedMark HutchinsonTim deBoer
Kaloyan Raev 
19311556ApprovedKaloyan RaevDavid Williams  
20311990ApprovedNitin DahyabhaiDavid Williams  
21312101ApprovedAngel VeraRaghu Srinivasan  
22312358ApprovedCameron BatemanTim deBoer  
23312684ApprovedKonstantin KomissarchikRaghu Srinivasan  
24312719ApprovedAidyl KarehDavid Williams  
25312815ApprovedRick SapirTim deBoer
Neil Hauge 
26312816ApprovedNeil HaugeNeil Hauge  
27312826ApprovedCarlin RogersTim deBoer  
28312912ApprovedAngel VeraDavid Williams
Tim deBoer
Kaloyan Raev 
29312920ApprovedLarry IsaacsDavid Williams  
30312954ApprovedCarlin RogersDavid Williams  
31312957ApprovedKaren ButzkeDavid Williams  
32313010ApprovedSimon KaegiDavid Williams  
33313011ApprovedSimon KaegiTim deBoer  
34313063ApprovedRaghunathan SrinivasanDavid Williams  
35313166ApprovedGerry KesslerDavid Williams  
36313189ApprovedKonstantin KomissarchikTim deBoer  
37313206ApprovedCameron BatemanDavid Williams  
38313214ApprovedJason ShollDavid Williams  
39313219ApprovedKate PriceDavid Williams  
40313240ApprovedDavid WilliamsTim deBoer  
41313247ApprovedChris JaunDavid Williams  
42313384ApprovedWini MarkTim deBoer  
43313390ApprovedHari ShankarTim deBoer  
44313402ApprovedJason ShollTim deBoer  
45313405ApprovedPaul FullbrightDavid Williams  
46313556ApprovedNitin DahyabhaiDavid Williams  
47313576ApprovedEric PetersRaghu Srinivasan  
48313577ApprovedCarl AndersonRaghu Srinivasan  
49313598ApprovedAidyl KarehTim deBoer  
50313607ApprovedTran LeDavid Williams  
51313613ApprovedKate PriceTim deBoer  
52313619ApprovedHari ShankarTim deBoer  

You can use this approved list for above table to first list all the bugs in that table with the bugzilla web interface, and then narrow or sort the result how ever you would like.