wtp 3.2 RC1 pmc review bug list
Web Tools 3.2 RC1 Bugs for PMC Review
  This document lists bugs that require PMC approval in WTP 3.2 RC1or for Dali 2.3 RC1
Currently there is (are) 1 vote(s) required for PMC Approval during this phase of development.

For details, refer to the WTP PMC Review process. and the WTP ramp down plan for Helios.

If a bug does not showing up in this list, that you think should show up in this list, be sure the bug's target is set appropriately, that status whiteboard has "PMC" in it, and that that the review flags are for "pmc_approved" (not merely the regular "review" flag). If so, and doesn't show up after several minutes (say, 30 minutes or so), feel free to send a note to wtp-releng to call attention to the problem.

Defect List
Count Bug Review Status Owner Yes No
1222258ApprovedBrian VosburghTim deBoer  
2252861ApprovedCarlin RogersDavid Williams  
3269042ApprovedCarlin RogersNeil Hauge  
4269050ApprovedIan TrimbleKaloyan Raev  
5288144ApprovedGerry KesslerDavid Williams  
6294077ApprovedTran LeTim deBoer  
7299813ApprovedGerry KesslerDavid Williams  
8300454ApprovedDebajit AdhikaryTim deBoer
Neil Hauge 
9302644ApprovedJason ShollDavid Williams  
10304673ApprovedAngel VeraTim deBoer  
11306430ApprovedAngel VeraTim deBoer  
12307413ApprovedAngel VeraTim deBoer  
13308463ApprovedCarl AndersonDavid Williams  
14309236ApprovedKaren ButzkeTim deBoer  
15310163ApprovedCarl AndersonNeil Hauge  
16310166ApprovedDebajit AdhikaryKaloyan Raev  
17310550ApprovedPaul FullbrightKaloyan Raev  
18310647ApprovedLarry IsaacsTim deBoer  
19310676ApprovedRob StrykerDavid Williams  
20310718ApprovedNeil HaugeDavid Williams  
21310840ApprovedPaul FullbrightTim deBoer  
22310856ApprovedLarry IsaacsDavid Williams  
23311079ApprovedLarry IsaacsDavid Williams  
24311080ApprovedKaren ButzkeKaloyan Raev  
25311093ApprovedKaren ButzkeTim deBoer  
26311097ApprovedWini MarkDavid Williams  
27311105ApprovedGerry KesslerDavid Williams  
28311112ApprovedKaren ButzkeTim deBoer  
29311200ApprovedRob StrykerDavid Williams  
30311208ApprovedJason ShollDavid Williams  
31311248ApprovedKaren ButzkeDavid Williams  
32311381ApprovedAngel VeraRaghu Srinivasan  
33311386ApprovedTran LeRaghu Srinivasan  
34311397ApprovedRob StrykerTim deBoer  
35311448ApprovedCarl AndersonDavid Williams  
36311542ApprovedJason ShollDavid Williams  
37311568ApprovedCameron BatemanTim deBoer  
38311580ApprovedAngel VeraTim deBoer  
39311598ApprovedJason ShollDavid Williams  
40311622ApprovedHari ShankarNeil Hauge  
41311626ApprovedGerry KesslerTim deBoer  
42311715ApprovedAngel VeraRaghu Srinivasan  
43311729ApprovedAidyl KarehDavid Williams  
44311733ApprovedRob StrykerDavid Williams  
45311773ApprovedPaul FullbrightDavid Williams  
46311788ApprovedKaren ButzkeRaghu Srinivasan  
47311794ApprovedElson YuenKaloyan Raev  
48311909ApprovedHari ShankarNeil Hauge  
49311932ApprovedJason PetersonTim deBoer  
50311934ApprovedAngel VeraTim deBoer  
51311939ApprovedAidyl KarehDavid Williams  
52311972ApprovedRaghunathan SrinivasanDavid Williams  
53311981ApprovedJason ShollTim deBoer  
54312096ApprovedKaren ButzkeKaloyan Raev  
55312116ApprovedElson YuenTim deBoer  
56312126ApprovedHari ShankarNeil Hauge  
57312130ApprovedKate PriceTim deBoer  
58312131ApprovedMark HutchinsonNeil Hauge  
59312176ApprovedRob StrykerNeil Hauge  
60312190ApprovedHari ShankarNeil Hauge  
61312318ApprovedElson YuenNeil Hauge  
62312336ApprovedJason PetersonRaghu Srinivasan  
63312420ApprovedAngel VeraKaloyan Raev  
64312440ApprovedRob StrykerDavid Williams  
65312475ApprovedGerry KesslerKaloyan Raev  
66312491ApprovedJason ShollNeil Hauge  
67312504ApprovedJason ShollNeil Hauge  
68312512ApprovedCameron BatemanKaloyan Raev  
69312640ApprovedKeith ChongNeil Hauge  
70312655ApprovedAngel VeraTim deBoer  
71312685ApprovedKate PriceNeil Hauge  
72312704ApprovedChuck BridghamDavid Williams  
73312717ApprovedKeith ChongNeil Hauge  
74312728ApprovedJason ShollRaghu Srinivasan  
75312738ApprovedChuck BridghamDavid Williams  

You can use this approved list for above table to first list all the bugs in that table with the bugzilla web interface, and then narrow or sort the result how ever you would like.