Web Tools Platform 0.7 M5 - New and Noteworthy for Web Services Tools


Below you will find details about enhancements to the Web services tools in M5. We have continued to define internal provisional APIs for the Web services frameworks and the command/wizard framework. The APIs in WTP 0.7 are all provisional instead of public because of the extreme youth of the APIs and the lack of any third-party extensions besides Apache Axis to help validate the design of the APIs. As the community begins extending the framework by using those internal provisional APIs, the APIs can be validated, revised and promoted to public in a more appropriate release of the Eclipse WTP.

Here are the highlights of the changes to the Web services tools for M5:

  • Support is now available for Tomcat 5.5
  • Web services runtime framework implementation completed.  Extension points have been added for extenders to plug in their own discovery, development, assembly, deployment, installation, startup, testing, publication and announcement tools into the Web services platform. The use of Commands in the extension implementations is not required.  See the design document for more details.
  • Improved defaults are now provided for project, server and module in the web service wizard.
  • DynamicWizard API class enhanced to return IWebService object to callers.
  • Web service context menu actions are now available in the J2EE project explorer and on EJBs.
  • Web Service Finder Framework internal provisional APIs implemented based on the design document.  WSDL browse is now enabled in the Web Services Explorer's WSDL page but is limited to browsing workspace WSDL source. Enhancement to browse deployed WSDL is planned for a future milestone.
  • Web Services Explorer can be launched outside Eclipse as detailed in 89101
  • Support for tunnelling web service basic authentication firewall proxies is re-enabled.
  • Various performance enhancements have been made.
Please check the following M5 milestone plans for more detail on the enhancements made in M5:


The following presentations give an overview of the Web services tools in WTP, the plugins being contributed and the internal provisional APIs.


The following tutorials have been updated to show the M5 functionality of the Web Services tools:

Known Problems

  • Please be aware of the following known problems when using the Web Services tools.  See the associated Bugzilla defect for further details.
    • 85823: When creating a Web service from Java bean, if you specify Generate proxy and Test the Web service, compilation errors may show up in the server console the first time the server is started complaining about "package org.eclipse.jst.ws.util does not exist". This is a timing problem because webserviceUtils.jar, which contains the class org.eclipse.jst.ws.util.JspUtils, is not added to the WEB-INF/lib directory of the Web project in time for the JSP compile. Despite the error, eventually the sample JSPs come up OK and the Web service can be invoked successfully. 
    • 86420: Configure Handler context menu action is no longer available as Handler popups were disabled in M5 (see 101488 ).  This problem will be addressed in a future milestone.
    • 86552: If the service name in the WSDL file used in Web service client scenario does not follow Java naming convention, e.g. having a lowercase first letter, the Proxy class generated by the Web service client wizard may not be able to correctly reference the generated type and may have compile errors. 
    • 92429: The Web Services Explorer does not work with the Netscape browser. Change the default Web Browser by using Window -> Preferences -> General -> Web Browser
    • 94010: Do not create bottom-up Web services from beans in the default package. Otherwise, you will get "Error in getting method from bean" when going through the Web Service wizard. Instead, put your service bean in a Java package before creating a Web service from it. 
    • 99728: The Axis 1.1 runtime included in WTP is configured to support creation of Web services in projects targeted to Apache Tomcat or Geronimo. The Web service wizard will fail with "IWAB0234E An internal error occurred. Details: null java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" if the selected artifact, be it a Java bean or WSDL file, is contained in a project with a runtime target other than Tomcat or Geronimo.
    • 100907: Running a Project -> Clean on an Axis web service project may cause the server-config.wsdd file in the .deployables directory to be deleted.  At this point the web service will no longer run.  As a workaround, back up the server-config.wsdd file prior to a Project -> Clean operation and replace it in the .deployables directory after the clean operation is complete.
    • 99735, 100657, 100664, 100677: Geronimo support is not functioning properly.

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