ws M4
JST Web services tools

M4 Plan
Web Service Framework and API
  • [ 89083 ] Define Web service scenario extension points as public or internal provisional API. [high]
    • Web service bottom-up / top-down discovery.
    • Web service development code generation.
    • Web service assembly.
    • Web service deployment code generation.
    • Web service application installation (to server).
    • Web service application startup (on server).
    • Web service test facility generation and/or launching.
    • Web service publication.
    • Web service announcement.
  • [ 89083 ] Refactor J2EE and Server configuration code to appropriate spots in the extensible scenario flow. [high]
    • Adapt to new wizard/command/operation framework.
    • Relocate EAR assembly (module creation, targetting and association) procedures to the vicinity of the wizard's assembly extension point.
    • Relocate EAR deployment (server creation) procedures to the vicinity of the wizard's deployment extension point.
    • Relocate EAR installation (EAR meets server) procedures to the vicinity of the wizard's installation extension point.
    • Relocate EAR startup (server/application start/restart) procedures to follow EAR installation.
WST Web Service Exploitation
  • [ 89103 ] Exploit Web Service Finder framework for Web service discovery. [medium]
  • [ 89102 ] Exploit Web Service Consumer framework: Plug the wizards into the Web Services Explorer. [medium]
Integration with Other Components
  • [ 89104 ] Tolerate flexible project structure (full exploitation may be delayed to M5). [medium]
  • [ 89104 ] Exploit flexible project structure (full exploitation may be delayed to M5). [medium]
  • React to changes in upstream plugins (ongoing), chiefly Server and J2EE tools. [high]
Extensible Web Services Wizards
  • Factor creation logic out of the consumption plugin. [high]
  • [ 89083 ] Eliminate redundant UDDI private registry extension point. [high]
  • Add "Deploy?" check box to page one. [medium]
  • Add "Install?" check box to page one. [medium]
  • Fix "Run?" check box on page one so that servers don't get started when user doesn't want them to be. [medium]
Apache Axis
  • [ 89083 ] Retrofit Axis (1.1) extensions to use new Web service frameworks and extension points. [high]
  • [ 88684 ] Enable Web service wizards to target multiple versions of Apache Axis (eg. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2RC3). [medium]
    • Define internal Axis extension point.
    • Define pluggable sets of Axis emitter option preferences.
    • Define pluggable Axis jar manifests for emitter and deployed service runtime use.
    • Define pluggable Axis emitter Ant task facades.
  • [ 88684 ] Support external Apache Axis installations (vs. embedded as plugins). [high]
Test Automation
  • Define JUnit testcases for public or internal provisional API. [high]
  • Define or enhance non-API JUnit testcases. [medium]
  • Integrate missing JavaDoc. [high]
  • Housekeeping: Clean up compilation warnings. Common cases: [high]
  • Automate JUnit performance tests. [high]
  • Remove unnecessary server/application restarts. [medium]
  • Improve UI Responsiveness. [medium]
  • Identify and resolve memory leaks. [medium]
  • Identify and remove non-thread safe code. [medium]
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