Getting Started with Web Service
Getting Started with Web Service
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By Kathy Chan
Feb 24, 2005


Before following the Web services tutorials for WTP 0.7 M3, you will need to download the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project version 0.7 milestone 3, and download the third party jars or plugins required by the Web services tools. Note that the requirement to download third party jars pertains to milestone M3, and is not required for milestone M4 and beyond. Visit the Web services index of tutorials to browse and try out tutorials for later milestones like M4.

Getting Started
  1. Download Eclipse Web Tools Platform project Milestone 3 driver and its prerequisites from wtp downloads.
  2. Unzip the WTP driver and its prerequisites.
  3. Before using the Web Services Tools in the Web Tools Platform, be sure to follow the procedure in these documents for downloading third party JARs required by the WTP driver:
  4. Launch the Eclipse workbench with the "-clean" option.