Web Tools Platform 0.7 M5 - New and Noteworthy

This milestone focussed largely on code cleanups, but significant requested functionality was also added:


Batch Validation

The Java source code warnings and errors that were confined to the JSP Source Page Editor in prior milestones are now available from a full-fledged validator. Detected errors now appear in the Problems view.

Expression Language Support

Support for the JSP Expression Language has been significantly improved in this milestone. In addition to Content Assist, keywords are highlighted and EL syntax is validated along with traditional JSP syntax, both in the editor and as part of batch validation.

Server-side content background highlighting

To more easily identify code sections within JSP files, the Java source can now have its background color set independently.

Custom Tag defined variables allowed

Code variables defined by a custom action's TagExtraInfo class are now supported within the editor and for validation.

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