j2ee M5
j2ee models, natures and builders for J2EE projects

M5 Plan Status: initial version under development and review - updated 2005-5-08
Flexible project structure
  • Module Import/Export wizards refactored for Flex project [high]
  • Resolve Websettings/J2EE metadata issues - UI preferences[high] [high]
  • Creation wizards UI improvements [high]
  • Structural builder moving to publish task [high]
  • Component dependency property editor [medium]
  • Refactoring actions [low]
  • Identify flexible scenarios, and generate testplan [low]
Server feature integration
  • Deployment of EJB/EJB Client using flexible project structure [high]
  • Deployment of EAR using flexible project structure [high]
Servlet and EJB Creation
  • Add all EJB bean type creation [medium]
  • Create plugable extensions for creation wizards [low]
  • Refactor wizards to work with modules, not projects [high]
  • Split up wizard Datamodel, dynamically select wizard pages based on features. [high]
  • Run existing validators on different content types using Eclipse Content Type [low]
  • Complete J2EE Validator Port (EJB/EAR) for Flexible project structure [medium]
  • Provide exclusion filters to exclude project folders from validating [low]
Project Explorer
  • More context-aware menu options [medium]
XML Adapters
  • Bring back sed adapter for real time XML/EMF Editing [high]
JUnit/Performance testing
  • Perform JUnit for any exposed api/function [high]
Code Migration(Capture rename/API changes)
  • API migration - Milestone to milestone [high]
WTP Web content
  • Continue to collect/publish plans/doc/api/whats new/tutorials [high]
General API disclosure/Cleanup
  • API: J2EE core models (Removing EMF dependency from interfaces) [high]
  • API: Annotation Framework [medium]
  • API: Validation (Continue to refine api) [medium]
  • Write on-line documentation for J2EE tools. [high]
  • Housekeeping: Clean up compilation warnings. Common cases: [high]
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