XSL Tools Proposal

3rd Draft
1st Nov. 2007

XSL Tools is a proposed open source component under the Eclipse WTP Source Editing subproject.

This component proposal is similar to a Project Proposal (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process document) and is written to declare its intent and scope. This proposal is written to solicit additional participation and input from the Eclipse community.

Comments can be made in bug 206826.


Eclipse is one of the worlds most popular and ubiquitous IDEs. It is well known for its Java and C development tools, and there are many plugins available from Eclipse that provide support for tasks as diverse as web development, database development, design and issue tracking.

However, while it supports XML, Eclipse is not thought of as a fully-fledged XML IDE. Eclipse's support for XML is provided by the Web Tools Platform (WTP) project. The primary purpose of that project is to provide a set of common tools for web technologies; it does not attempt to provide a complete XML development environment. Nonetheless, the foundations laid down by WTP are excellent, and include XML, DTD and Schema source editors, an XML catalog and Schema validation.

In order for Eclipse to become a fully-fledged XML IDE, a significant amount of functionality needs to be added on top of the core WTP modules. Particularly important is support for XSLT - authoring and editing XSL stylesheets, and running and debugging XSL transforms. Currently Eclipse supports none of this functionality, and this has led many XML authors to shun Eclipse in favour of more complete offerings from other vendors.

This proposal seeks to redress the balance by building one of the key components needed to put Eclipse on the path to becoming a fully-fledged XML IDE.


The goal of XSL Tools is to provide Eclipse with first-class support for XSLT.

This will be achieved by augmenting WTP with support for XSLT editing, running and debugging.


XSL Tools will achieve its aims by making the following contributions to WTP:

XSL Editing
XSL Transformation Launching


Initial contributions will be made from the open-source X-Assist and EclipseXSLT Sourceforge projects. The authors and IP owners of the two projects are both committers for this new project.

Contributions to the XSL Tools component will be made under the org.eclipse.wst.xsl namespace.

Tentative Plan

Initial Eclipse.org presence in Oct 2007

Initial committers

The initial committers will focus on converting and integrating the two original Sourceforge contributions. Our agile development process will follow eclipse.org's standards for openness and transparency.

Component Lead/Committer

User community

The user community includes many current Eclipse WTP users, but may also attract new XML developers who will start using WTP for its enhanced XML, XPath and XSLT support.

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