Requirements Group Conference Call - April 12, 2005

Attending: Jochen Krause (JK), Arthur Ryman (AR), Paul Meijer (PM), Ivelin Ivanov (II), Todd Williams (TW)

Draft requirements document

  • draft not yet ready - item deferred to next week

Requirements gathering process

  • JBoss way: Jboss providers roadmap, end users comment on that roadmap (using JIRA - as JIRA is not open source this is probably not the way WTP can go)
  • Using Bugzilla for feedback does not seem to be very attractive while in the process of developing a initial version of themes and priorities, but is useful for evolving an existing plan
  • Requirements group will explore ways to provide a more user friendly user interface to requirements / feature requests (Action item JK)
  • Requirements mailing list has been requested (JK)

Use cases

  • Use cases are a "standard way" to describe featues, but they are pretty heavy weight. We want to explore if we can provide a template to the community that is useful but simple (Action item  II, TW, JK)

Current feature requests on Bugzilla

  • deferred to next week


Next call on April 19