Requirements Group Conference Call - March 30, 2005

Attending: Paul Meijer, Jochen Krause, Arthur Ryman

Initial topics for requirements gathering

Architectural harmonization

  • DTP (data tools)LDT (SSE)
  • Moving generic components to platform (browser as an example)
  • TPTP Validation (elaborate correction framework part of validation), TCP/IP sniffer (tcp/ip monitor)

Built to last

  • Platform
    • API (resolve API violations)
    • Extensibility (other languages, e.g. PHP)
  • Performance
    • Memory Footprint
    • Startup time for editors
  • UI Consitency / Scalability
    • Enforcement of Eclipse Guidelines
    • Ease of use
    • Common undo / redo in visual and text editors

J2EE 1.5 Support

  • EJB 3.0 Support
  • JSR 175 (Metadata) Support
  • JSF Support

Web Services Support

  • Soap 1.2 Support
  • WSDL 2.0 Support
  • JSR 181 (Web Services)
  • New WS-I profiles
  • WS Security
  • Axis 2.0 Support

Server Runtime

  • JSR 88 Support, Server Support for an open source J2EE server
  • Support for Jboss, WebSphere, WebLogic (requested by end users)
  • Support for incremental deploy

Requirements gathering process

Write up a draft document - post message on website, mailing list and newsgroup

At W3C they set up a public mailing list for draft specifications - public comment mailing list

Action item (JK): Ask Bjorn if setting up a mailing list for this purpose is adaquate

Next call in two weeks