Requirements Conference Call - August 30, 2004


  • Flexible Project Structure
  • Requirement Priorities

Attending: Arthur Ryman, Vladislav Pernin, Todd Williams, Jochen Krause


  • With regard to publishing documents we follow the principle “early and often”, not “perfect but late”
  • Flexible project model

  • We will make initial requirements document available on a wiki, as well as Naci’s and Thomas notes. The wiki will become publicly usable.
  • Request making the wiki public from Dominique / Christophe
  • Objection: This will make it much harder to read to document / follow the main ideas (but a revision system is available - make that more visible (Jochen) )

  • Flexible project structure, scope is wider than stated, valid as well for WST, we have to specify the requirements for WST only
  • We should make sure that our needs are heard by the platform team (specifically links). David Williams will go to the EMO meeting.

  • Use exploded archives as default layouts
  • One use case:
  • Import a project from CVS and be able to adapt the Web Project Structure to the one in cvs.
  • Provide comments to the requirements document in the wiki to get a discussion going
  • Requirements Priorities

  • Priorities as agreed during the last conf call will be published on the webtools web site
  • Use cases

  • Find a way to combine Bugzilla with a better structured method of specifying requirements – suggest a template (Arthur / Jochen)