Requirements Conference Call - August 23, 2004

Finalize priorities

  • priorities have been discussed in the group and added to the requirements document (see attachment)
  • we need to add context to some of the requirements - plan: use an xml template
  • Priorities for the flexible project layout have been omittted, we will wait for Todds draft
  • Decision if the first draft of the flexible project layout will be published directly to be discussed with Bjorn (Jochen)

Eclipse development process - Requirements council

  • Requirements group is not envisioned for the projects, but only for the Eclipse organisation. Bring that subject up at the next PMC call

Distribution of minutes

  • send a last information about the mailing list, talk to Bjorn if we should publish the minutes the same way as the PMC notes (Jochen)

Use case template

  • needs to be adjusted to our requirements (self explanatory, extend with catgory, priority) (Jochen and Arthur)