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Web Tools Requirements

Web Tools Project requirements and use cases

This is a draft document intended to get community feedback - gathering, structuring and prioritizing requirements is work in progress! A document incorporating your feedback and more details on requirements / use cases will be published here on August, 24th.

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The listed requirements are centered around three themes that we plan to concentrate on for the first milestones:



projectLayout (a more extensive document is work in progress and will be published with the next revision of this document on August, 24th)

Overall goals / requirements from the original project proposal

  • Seamlessly extend the eclipse user experience
  • provide an exstensible framework - not end user tools only
  • Provide modular design of tools for enabling separate tool deliveries for various groups of developers

General comments

  • UI scalability needs some love early on. It feels like the size of context sensitive menus in the Package explorer doubled in size after I installed the IBM contribution, even when I'm just doing desktop Java apps. Many of the plug-ins instantiate themselves at startup time too. WTP should be there when you need it but out of the way when you don't. Ed Burnette
  • track 3.1 development, "take advantage of every new feature" - consider that any WTP early adopters and testers are more than likely going to be 3.1 early adopters and testers too. Ed Burnette
  • Pushing down features into the platform: the Internet prefernce page - that should just replace the setting in Install/Update because they interfere with each other. Another example would be the new content type framework. Maybe that nice web browser window too, so everybody can stop reinventing it. Ed Burnette
  • Beginners have problems with configuration issues

Requirements that will become relevant for future milestones

Future Requirements

Frequently requested requirements / features that are out of scope of this project


Structured Editor

Community Input

From the proposal



I don't think jsp preview is useful.


Server Tooling

Community Input

From the proposal


Server tool is not esential. Most WAS servers provide convenient tool to deploy, start, stop. And by just using eclipse run setting, that tools can be used. Priority of this job should be lower.

Don't really have a strong interest in this at the moment. Generally we're fine with using ANT to push our files to our development Tomcat server for testing, and using the Tomcat provided tools for the redeploying when necessary, etc. I don't really have a need for Eclipse support for servers. Stephen Duncan Jr


Project layout

A more extensive definition of requirements for the project layout is work in progress and will be published with the next revision of this document on August, 24th

Community Input

Example project structures



Stephen Duncan Jr

So for war file:

For ejb jar file:

For J2EE ear packages:

Note, that ear module is separate from war/ejbjar modules. It just assembles war/ejbjars created in separate modules.

Tomasz Pik

.../src : java sources
.../env : environment specific folder
....../env1 : contains env1 environment files
....../env2 : contains env2 environment files
.../etc : other files (.properties .xml ...)
.../web : web root (without a WEB-INF folder)
.../lib : lib required for the project

Nicolas Youna


Requirements that will become relevant for future milestones

From the community

From the proposal


Frequently requested features that are out of scope of this project

For more information about what is "in scope" versus "out of scope" please see our project scope.