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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 28, 2012 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for February 28, 2012 Conference Call

Call Info

Toll free (in US and Canada): 888-426-6840
Access code: 5019600#
Caller pay alternative number: 215-861-6239
Full list of global access numbers

Call Time: 11:00 AM Eastern

Announcements and General Business

Indigo SR2 released

Follow-up to: Provisional / private api discussion

Now that teams have had a few days to look over reports. Should we:

  • 1) Send wtp-dev note to ask for provisional of internal api that adopters use, and would like to see public?
  • 2) Proactively open bugzilla's similar to 372398?
  • 3) Long term - run similar reports, and track progress by team?

Wiki for provisional api reduction

Eclipsecon countdown

Who is going? Should we organize and advertise WTP related sessions?

Longterm Sticky items

Concerns of quality with e4 - Continue to review and provide feedback.

Feedback/issues page

3.4 Release Planning

Top-level plan

CQ PMC approvals...

Open CQ entries

Other Business ... ?

Git adoption progress Continue polling - - investigate a subproject that could "pilot" a git repo feeding into our overall PDE build. - Carl or volunteer? Can start investigating building existing Git project like Libra? - More discussion on CVS - GIT transition - should replace CVS feature for feature - Tentative schedule for CVS -> Git migration post Juno (July) - Platform HAS put a stake in the ground.... CVS Retirement bug (Target: December 21, 2012)

Future Agenda items

  • Discuss our model and assignments of "PMC Roles". Do they still make sense?


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