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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for November 29, 2011 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for November 29, 2011 Conference Call

Call Info

Toll free (in US and Canada): 888-426-6840
Access code: 5019600#
Caller pay alternative number: 215-861-6239
Full list of global access numbers

Call Time: 11:00 AM Eastern

Announcements and General Business

Dali 3.1.0 officially released

Congrats - any post-release thoughts? Juno plans for Dali now represented?

3.4 Release Planning

Top-level plan

  • M4: Final Plans due

CQ PMC approvals...

Need to possibly assign a rotating PMC member to keep tabs on approvals. Reminds me of this page

Getting buildmaster nasty grams?

Carl is looking into cleaning up our download site - been a while, and possibly time to automate

m2e-wtp project proposal:

No update - checked with Max - still planning on forwarding proposal to EMO this week

Other Business ... ?

Git adoption progress Continue polling - re-evaluate by M4 - Agreed to set target by M4 all subprojects have one member git "expert" - investigate a subproject that could "pilot" a git repo feeding into our overall PDE build - More discussion on CVS - GIT transition - should replace CVS feature for feature - Tentative schedule for CVS -> Git migration post Juno (July) - Platform HAS put a stake in the ground.... CVS Retirement bug (Target: December 21, 2012)

Future Agenda items

  • Discuss our model and assignments of "PMC Roles". Do they still make sense?


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