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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for May 31, 2011 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for May 31, 2011 Conference Call

Call Info

Toll free (in US and Canada): 888-426-6840
Access code: 6460142#
Caller pay alternative number: 215-861-6239
Full list of global access numbers

Call Time: 11:00 AM Eastern


PMC Members

  • David Williams: Y
  • Naci Dai: N
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan: Y
  • Neil Hauge: Y
  • Tim deBoer: N
  • Kaloyan Raev: Y
  • Chuck Bridgham: Y

Announcements and General Business

Remember to monitor PMC review list for 3.3.0 end game..

Was latest I-build ever verified for our RC3?

Remaining builds, for RC4: update pre-reqs, update "builder" to use JDT's RC3 compiler.

Any discussion of our Release Review materials? Those under releaseReviews/201106/. See bug 346496. Are they approved? Once approved, dw to send to emo for distribution. Review period is from June1 to June 8.

The materials were approved. Neil said he'd read again for typos, but if no changes by 2 PM Eastern, then that'd mean he didn't find any. The materials will be submitted this afternoon.

Other Business ... ?

Discussed, some, the planning process for Juno release. Mostly that "it is up to each subproject" when to start, we usually ask for a draft around RC2, fairly firm version by RC3, and final plan by RC4 (December). There is only so much we, as the PMC, can "require" in terms of time-line, since most teams need to review internally before committing publically.

Briefly discussed "maintenance plans", but mostly to say "not ready to propose details" yet Maybe next week.

Future Agenda items

  • Discuss our model and assignments of "PMC Roles". Do they still make sense?


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