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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for November 04, 2008 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for November 04, 2008 Conference Call

Call Info

Tollfree in the US: 877-421-0030
Alternate: 770-615-1247
Access code: 269746#
Full list of phone numbers

Call Time: 1500 UTC


PMC Members

  • David Williams: Y
  • Naci Dai: N
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan: Y
  • Neil Hauge: Y
  • Tim deBoer: N
  • Kaloyan Raev Y

Announcements and General Business

  • Trip report(s) from EclipseWorld?

    Everyone thinks low attendance is simply current poor business environment. Note, Raghu had good turn out for JSF ... approx. 15 ... despite being in very last slot

  • Planning Council results
    • Must do list (will track via bugzilla)
    • Plan status (need one "central" one for webtools, with links to subprojects)
  • An interesting article on Eclipse and Silverlight and Microsoft
  • Dali release review

    scheduled 11/12. Slides to EMO 11/5 ... and to PMC at same time! Note: short maintenance stream, perhaps patch in spring, but then galileo only.

  • JEE Perspective update

    needs quick fix on markers view. See JEE tools plan for blocking bug number

Reports, Actions, Issues

Quality: Neil Hauge

Current statistics:

1068 opened, since 3.0 release ~ half resolved

900 opened same period last year ~ similar resolved

steady "bug growth"

comparable with other Top Level Projects

Neil may do more detailed analysis eventually. In particular, it may be important for us to do by 'sub-project' to compare within our own projects, as well as to other top level ones

Neil investigating "close old bugs" policy.
Neil has estimated approximately 800 bugs (of 2000 untargeted bugs) could be considered "old bugs". He'll prepare a table and note to send to project with encouragement to PLs to handle ... something like either triage individually and assign a target, or mark with 'helpwanted' or mark in mass with a kind comment to re-open if still an issue (with reason for the mass update, etc.).


WTP User Experience Lead: Kaloyan Raev


Architecture: Tim deBoer

  • API Tools. Tim to investigate and make recommendations to teams.


Education: Naci Dai

Please review: Resource Page Proposal

Naci was approached (and countered) with some proposed articles for Eclipse (online) magazine [need link. only one I found last published in 2007?] Naci will invite authors for a series of articles for "WTP Uncovered":

  1. web developer tools (xml, xsl, html, css)
  2. web applications with Java (jsf, jsp, server)
  3. enterprise application (jpa/ejb)
  4. soa, webservices
  5. adopters/extending (maybe)

Naci updated us today: Publisher would like all articles in one issue (for an issued focused on WTP). Online version would be in English. Print version would be translated to German. They'd like one overview article less than 20,000 words, and 4 shorter, but more focused article on specific areas, each less than 10,000 words

Naci will have some Eductation site/materials ready next week.

New Bugzilla component created: "Education".

We will publish education materials under Creative Commons -- Attribution Share Alike but still EPL for sample code, examples and snippets.


Requirements: Raghu Srinivasan

Planning Process Document has been started.

Eclipse-level dates and requirements have been clarified in a Planning Council message (and elsewhere).

Raghu's Preliminary Note (to PMC PLs)

As you all know, we need to create the project plan for WTP-Galileo in the standard project plan format provided by the Foundation. We also need to create a plan for each subproject. So I have created the first cut of the plan for most of the active subprojects in WTP.

I need you to update the projectplanurl field for your project from the Eclipse Portal. For help, see the HOWTO/Project_Meta-Data. I don't have the permission to update this for all the subprojects. Once you do that, you can view the plan by going to the standard home for your project, For example, see the one for webtools as a whole, scroll down to the Project Plan section and click on the link that says, "pending standard form".

I would appreciate if you could try this and report your findings at the PMC call tomorrow. I (and David) have had mixed experiences in viewing this file and hence I want you to test it out before I mail this to all the other leads.

Following are the URLs to use for each of the subprojects:

  • EJB Tools:
  • Dali:
  • Server Tools:
  • Releng:

For the community to consume, I am hoping I can aggregate the plans to one plan.


Planning: David Williams

  • M3 this Friday
  • RC3 this Friday

    Please keep up with PMC Approvals

long term items to track

  • XUL Runner IP nearing completion
  • JPT 2.1 (need release review)


General business?

bugs to watch

Other projects to watch:

PMC Calendar

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Please send any additions or corrections to David Williams.

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