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WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for July 08, 2008 Conference Call

WTP PMC Agenda/Minutes for July 08, 2008 Conference Call

Call Info

Tollfree in the US: 877-421-0030
Alternate: 770-615-1247
Access code: 800388#
Full list of phone numbers

Call Time: 1500 UTC


PMC Members

  • David Williams: Y
  • Naci Dai: N
  • Raghunathan Srinivasan: Y
  • Neil Hauge: Y
  • Tim deBoer: N
  • Kaloyan Raev Y

Announcements and General Business

Reports, Actions, Issues

Architecture: Tim deBoer



Requirements: Raghu Srinivasan

Requirements Document is done?

We need Draft release plan, in standard format, for next years release by June (See see bug 215301).
Raghu to lead, and propose an alternative or two. Rumor has it that the June deadline was to have a standard format decided, and the "infrastructure" in place to roll them up into a single roadmap document. The "real" plan is expected by September. My understanding was there would be a new note to this effect to "project leads list", but haven't seen it yet.


Education: Naci Dai

Please review: Resource Page Proposal


Planning: David Williams

  • Ganymede shipped!
  • Do quick 2.0.3
  • Pre 1.0 release of XSL component mid August
  • Pre 1.0 release of ATF component mid October
  • 3.0.1, 3.0.2 and 3.0.3
  • JPT 2.1 ?
  • 2009, Io Release
Need plan for 3.1 milestones. What's platform's M1/M2 dates?
Discussed possible desire for WTP 3.1 to stay compatible with 3.4 platform, and some ideas came up:
  • deviations should have PMC review: choices forcing us to Eclipse 3.5 should not be made casually, nor 'accidentally'
  • WTP team to do no or little testing on 3.4 platform (it'd be responsibility of adopters wishing ot run in that configuration).
  • doesn't mean WTP 3.1 can't take advantage of 3.5, but, ideally, if 3.5 not there, and running on 3.4 instead, then things would still work as before (as they did on 3.4) and the 3.5 specific function just gracefully fail with log message, or something.


Quality: Neil Hauge

Will likely start focus items approx September.
Neil looking into graphic bugs, possible PHP queries.
Will assess and recommend plan for how to close very-very old bugs.


WTP User Experience Lead: Kaloyan Raev

  • Kaloyan still doing walktroughs (thanks!)
Search UI on 7/9 walktrough.


General business?

Will have PMC debreif next week, after status meeting version.

PMC Calendar

  • Eclipse World:
    Raghu and Neil have submitted.
  • Eclipse European Summit

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Please send any additions or corrections to David Williams.

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