PMC Conference Call - September 19, 2006
PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Raghunathan Srinivasan [RS], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR],

PMC Member Regrets:

Invited Guests: Robert Goodman (ATF), Neil Hauge (Dali)

Community [TW]

  • ESE being held next month; David and Tim will be presenting jointly on WTP.
  • Neil Hauge representing WTP with the user interface / usability group. Group is currently working on their charter.
  • EclipseCon update: EclipseZilla almost ready to go live. Schedule for submissions and review in agenda email.
  • WTP will send out a web-specific CFP as soon as Bugzilla is live.
  • Arthur integrated ATF and Dali into the WTP website (thanks!)

Process [TW]

  • Triage reminder: see the triage page.
  • Sybase contribution still under review; Tim will seek ETA from Janet during Board meetings this week.
  • PMC discussion of open 1.5.1 issues under triage review.
  • PMC members should review David's process amendments for discussion next week.

Requirements and 2.0 Planning

  • Planning calendar: 9/26 initial PMC review, 9/29 component lead input; 10/4 public planning call; 10/17 2.0 plan publication.

1.5.1 and 2.0 Status [DW]

  • 1.5.1 going well; on track for Friday RC/final freeze in preparation for Callisto-coordinated 9/29 GA.
  • M2 milestone approaching; WTP will need to produce build for that Europa milestone. No major code line changes.

ATF Status [RG]

  • Milestone shipped this past Wednesday with significant new features.
  • Will be doing lightning talk at Eclipse members meeting and demoing at two AJAX conferences in October.
  • Continuing to plan for an end-of-year tech preview and Europa/2.0 coordinated ship.

Dali Status [NH]

  • DTP migration is largely complete and Neil is pursuing resolution to functional gaps between RDB and DTP with that project team.
  • Once DTP migration is complete, will resume build integration with WTP.

JSF Status [RS]

  • Extension language requirements published; design sessions will be scheduled after 1.5.1 completes.

Action Items and Owners

  • Tim to go over outstanding IP items with Janet.
  • Tim to invite Jean Choi to PMC calls help initiate component creation / development plan.
  • Tim to send out CFP for EclipseCon '07 once EclipseZilla goes live.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, September 19, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.