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PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Jochen Krause [JK], Arthur Ryman [AR], Naci Dai [ND],

PMC Member Regrets: Raghunathan Srinivasan [RS]

Invited Guests: Robert Goodman (ATF)

Others: Lawrence Mandel [LM]

Community [LM]

  • Eclipse Summit Europe planning - David, Jochen, Tim, Naci planning to attend. David and Tim to present on WTP (pending travel approvals). Council meeting schedule: Requirements 10th, Architecture 11th, Planning 12th - these will be held in the morning, with time for conference participation in the afternoon.
  • Lawrence to post ad on website for website maintainer(s).
  • Europa "build workshop" being held September 11th and 12th in Portland. Looking for WTP members who may be able to participate.

Process [TW]

  • Discussion of getting CVS permissions cleaned up for incubating sub project leads; Tim opened Bugzilla to track with Sharon Corbett at the EMO. Issues should be raised there for necessary escalation.
  • Tim requesting proposed EULA from Instantiations for WindowsTester use so member companies can investigate its acceptability from a legal perspective.

Requirements and Planning [JK]

  • Internal planning at some member companies may delay us from the original planning timeline; may move out into September. Continued interest in quality, stability, and API definition. Jochen to post updated schedule.
  • SAP has expressed interest in EE 5 enablement; WTP 2.0 will need to enable this, but may have limited end user support for EE 5 depending on resource availability.
  • Deprecation policy discussion: minimum of one major release for APIs, and preference given to similar policy for adopter usage of non-APIs. Usage reports gathered to date indicate some API declarations that are needed as well as some educational opportunities for adopters.
  • STP planning: Naci reaching out to Oisin regarding a meeting.

1.5.1 and 2.0 Status [DW]

  • Now on latest maintenance versions from base and EMF for 1.5.1.
  • 1.5.1 endgame proposal draft needed; can circulate at status meeting.
  • Plugin ranges for 2.0 not repaired yet; still a major 2.0 TBD.

ATF Status [RG]

  • Working on next release plans; currently looking at fall timeframe. Will have a simplified install process and planning for new functionality.
  • Coordination with commercial companies building AJAX support on top of Eclipse - may provide additional ATF committers depending on interest.

JSF Status [RS, via email]

  • 0.5.1 maintenance release, coordinated with WTP 1.5.1 release in progress
  • Requirements meeting on August 21st; requirements being tracked via the Wiki page

Action Items and Owners

  • [ND] STP requirements and overlap (runtimes, deployment, WS infrastructure, etc.) schedule.
  • [TW] Research travel opportunity for build meeting in Portland.
  • [TW] Draft rampdown proposal for 1.5.1 release.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, August 08, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.

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