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PMC Conference Call - July 18, 2006
PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Jochen Krause [JK], Gerry Kessler (for Raghunathan Srinivasan), Naci Dai [ND]

PMC Member Regrets: Arthur Ryman (conflict)

Invited Guests: Neil Hauge (Dali), Bob Goodman (ATF)

Others: Lawrence Mandel [LM]


  • David Williams has agreed to take over as WST sub project lead. Arthur Ryman has offered to remain on the PMC in an advisory capacity. The PMC ratified David's new leadership role.

Dali Planning [Neil]

  • F2f meeting now in progress.
  • Release planning: 1.0 release as part of WTP 2.0 / Europa. Mid-year milestone as an interim goal (end of '06, likely synchronized with Europa, not but a release). Will be joining WTP in Europa milestones, probably beginning in September. (This will be faciliated by build integration; biggest hurdle at the moment is probably DTP dependency.)
  • WTP integration will be a focal point of the release, including facets, project creation, etc.
  • List of new features targeted for December milestone; will be published after meeting.
  • Community and incubation exit plans: Mostly an Oracle development effort today; historical contributions from Versant. Actively pursuing other companies for additional contributions.
  • DTP integration: Will need to make this switch early in the 2.0 cycle; will look to initiate this in August. (There are some internal dependencies, but much of this is pass through to our adopters.) First step is to include DTP in the WTP builds. Dali team will need to ensure that all needed APIs are available after that.
  • Some JDT requirements for annotation processing are emerging.
  • Action item [NH]: WTP 2.0 planning Wiki needs either the actual plans or a link to them so that we can organize the information in one place.

JSF Planning [Gerry]

  • Planning to ship with WTP 2.0/Europa (same plan as for Dali) as a graduated component; like Dali, may have a "major" milestone around the end of the year, but more planning is required around the visual designer integration.
  • Good feedback from tech preview so far, lots of downloads, a few bug reports.
  • Major new feature will be visual page designer (Sybase contribution) and its integration with SSE and other fundamental WTP components.
  • Reshuffling of pieces into WST/JST may also occur in the Europa timeframe.
  • Already in build system; will be part of Europa milestones.
  • Community: IBM, Sybase, and Oracle all major contributors to date. One individual contributor to date, several people who've contributed bug reports, etc. as part of the community.
  • Action item [RS]: WTP 2.0 planning Wiki needs either the actual plans or a link to them so that we can organize the information in one place.

ATF Planning [Robert]

  • Staffing changes on team should be wrapping up.
  • Currently planning next milestone for August: improved facet support (AJAX support can be added to any project), Apache server deployment, enhanced JS debugging, PHP support, major documentation updates, etc.
  • Conversations with Opera browser team ongoing.
  • Investigating IE debugging support, but don't have rights to ship the needed DLLs, so this may prove difficult.
  • Scoping enhanced JavaScript editor as a work item.
  • Attempting to engage some companies to do POC engagements with ATF to get additional feedback (via IBM).
  • Community interest to date, but not much in the way of volunteers yet.
  • Action item: Pursue build / Europa integration with David.
  • Action item: Plan technology preview around end of year.
  • Action item: WTP 2.0 planning Wiki needs either the actual plans or a link to them so that we can organize the information in one place.
  • Action item [TW]: Talk to Ian about rotating "project information" banners on the Eclipse home page to help drive interest and contributions. (Also research at the EMO/Board level as a follow up.)

1.0.3 Status

  • Small number of remaining bugs that we will investigate deferring to the 1.5.x stream.
  • Plan is to shut it down according to the rampdown schedule.

Action Items and Owners (new)

  • Sub-project leads to connect planning information to the WTP 2.0 planning wiki (see above)
  • [TW] Follow up with BEA on 1.0.3 deferred defects (in progress)
  • [TW] Follow up with Europa/planning council on Europa milestone dates (email sent)

Action Items and Owners (held over from last week)

  • [TW] Tim to produce "full" release review deck and distribute to PMC for review.
  • [TW] Tim to discuss possible use of Instantiations test tools with Mike and pursue IP questions with Instantiations. Open test scripts and runtime as a sub-project of TPTP would be one way to avoid the IP concerns.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, July 18, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.

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