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PMC Conference Call - May 9, 2006
PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR] Raghunathan Srinivasan [RS]

PMC Member Regrets: Naci Dai [ND], Jochen Krause [JK]

Invited Guests: Neil Hauge [NH], Shaun Smith [SS]

Others: Lawrence Mandel [LM]

Community Update [LM]

  • Project Antoine link now live on website
  • WTP / TPTP webinar tentatively scheduled 6/12; will be announced on website when confirmed
  • Documentation update: DITA support making progress; goal is to have everything migrated shortly after 1.5 ships (PDE build integration issues: ant incompatibility? custom task issues?)
  • Copy of EPL in root directory: follow up with EMO to see if we can avoid it - causes overwrite issues for all users installing via a WTP-only ZIP file on top of a platform installation. [Update: No choice but to comply for now; EMO is aware of the usability issue.]

Procedural [TW]

  • IP update / review
  • Logo request from EMO - need to pull logos out for 1.5 release
  • Use of sub-project components in Bugzilla - how to get users to make assignments accurately, and should we have the "over arching" components. Agreed to live with the status quo (modulo component renaming). Need to encourage folks to keep up with triage in all buckets.


  • Open issues / status: critical copyright/licensing issues that need to be fixed
  • Planning build for next week (focusing on 1.5 issues this week)

Callisto / 1.5 / RC3 Status

  • Status: some difficulty moving up to RC3 base (circular build errors)
  • 1.5 / 2.0 interop: will update requirements document wording and discuss with team on Thursday status call.

JSF Status [RS]

  • Dev build based on RC2 will be ready shortly.
  • Feature complete targeted for 6/7.

Dali Status [NH/SS]

  • Reminder of "move review" on 5/24 8am PDT / 11am EDT; slide deck in preparation, will review on next week's PMC call
  • Adjusted milestone plan sent out last week; M3 build based on RC2 of WTP targeted for 5/12. Feature freeze 6/4, code freeze 6/21.

Action Items

  • [TW] Open P1 bug to remove logos for 1.5 release
  • [TW] IP log updated
  • [TW] Mail requirements document wording suggestion re: 2.0/1.5 backcompat
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, May 9, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.

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