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PMC Conference Call - January 31, 2006
PMC Members Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Raghunathan Srinivasan [RS], Arthur Ryman [AR], David Williams [DW], Jochen Krause [JK]

PMC Member Regrets: Naci Dai [ND]

Invited Guests: Lawrence Mandel [LM], Craig Becker (IBM)

AJAX Project (Craig Becker of IBM joining call to present)

  • Craig presented his AJAX slidedeck (see PMC archives for copy of deck as reviewed).
  • Note that DOJO support has been added since the deck was created.
  • Arthur: Are personalities facets? (Sounds like they probably are.)
  • Tim: EclipseCon short talk would be a good way to announce to the community.
  • WTP PMC would like to see this incubated within WTP, and has requested that the project proposers consider that.

Community Update and 1.0 Status

  • Lawrence will create page on WTP website and a forwarding link from the home page; we'll allow two additional weeks for ideas, then switch to voting.

Procedural [TW]

  • Note that a planning call will follow the WTP PMC call on the same number.

1.0.1 Status [DW]

  • All prereqs are now in the build (3.1.2, EMF, etc.)
  • Move to four-digit version ids should be complete for this week's M-build.
  • See email to mailing list for endgame dates.

Callisto / 1.5 Status

  • Discussion of Callisto endgame process for WTP (reflected in 1.5 planning document update).

Architecture [DW]

  • Tabbed property view migration discussed.

Requirements [JK]

  • Requirements call will be held tomorrow (Wed).

JSF Status [RS]

  • Making progress against feature set.
  • Questions outstanding on code assist in JSP.

Action Items

  • [TW] (Ongoing) Track logo legal/IP issues with Janet.
  • [TW, etc.] Work on endgame process document (and links from 1.5 planning doc).
  • [DW] Feature decomposition plan for 1.5 (EJB and Web, Core and UI intermingling) - need to either revive old bug or open new one for tracking purposes.
  • [DW] Provide prioritized list from architecture group.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, January 31, 2006. Please notify me of any corrections needed.

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