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PMC Conference Call - November 8, 2005
Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Raghunathan Srinivasan [RS], Jochen Krause [JK], Lawrence Mandel [LM], Arthur Ryman [AR], David Williams [DW]

Community Update [LM]

  • EclipseCon update: multiple tutorial submissions (more than any other project); deadline extended to December 1st for long talks - need to push for more talks here (although some tutorials that don't make it may be recast as talk submissions)
  • Tim and Lawrence working with Ian Skerrett on go-to-market plans


  • Charter modifications posted; this issue is now closed.
  • IP log in progress - will complete and work with Janet on analysis this week.
  • Release review scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 at 9am PST. Slidedeck will be available via EMO and WTP presentation archives.
  • No release train document yet; will appear as part of Planning Council activity in December f2f meetings.

Requirements Update

  • 1.5 planning input needed from component leads; will discuss during Thursday status meeting.

Architecture Update

  • No architecture update, but API review mail will go out this week (Tim, David).

1.0 Status

  • Reviewed 1.0 status; M9 may slip into next week based on convergence rate.
  • Reviewed proposed engame; will communicate to teams next week (see next week's agenda for revised format).

Action Items

  • [TW] Scheduling JSR 181 conversation for Thursday, 10am
  • [TW, DW] Complete IP log
  • [all] Review release slidedeck and sent corrections to TW
  • [TW, DW] Craft API email
  • [TW] Post endgame plan after opportunity for PMC review (will revisit next week)
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, November 8, 2005

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