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PMC Conference Call - November 1, 2005
Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Arthur Ryman [AR], David Williams [DW], Naci Dai [ND], Lawrence Mandel [LM]

Community Update [LM]

  • Capabilities are in the build.
  • Several tutorials have been submitted for EclipseCon from WTP; expecting one more from David Williams' team.
  • CSS conference held last week (Arthur presenting on WTP).
  • Will need heavy promotion of WTP in 2006 Q1.


  • IP log: need to get additional eyes on this to help flesh out details of redist software, data mining exercise for incorporated attachments, and list of committers.
  • WTP 1.0 release review requested for week of 11/14; not yet scheduled by EMO.
  • No update from planning council on release train yet. Will ask again.
  • Meeting scheduled for WTP/DTP migration plans this Friday (Tim, Arthur, John Graham of DTP).
  • WTP charter modifications in flight.
  • Amy Wu committership accepted conditional on voting completion with no negative votes (Wednesday COB).

Requirements Update

  • Tim to contact Eddie O'Neill re: Beehive JSR 181 processing in WTP 1.5.
  • Verify (or add) APT presentation to WTP archives.
  • Migration issues w.r.t. 1.0 to 1.5; minimize disruption to 1.0 adopters. (Reaction cycle is short.)
  • 1.0.1 timing: 3.1.2 plus two weeks. (Need to check with Jeffrey on WTP 1.0 language pack availability and timing.)

Architecture Update

  • "Component" features will be introduced into the build this week.
  • Architecture Council will occur next month; nothing special related to WTP at this time.

1.0 Status

  • I-builds: still refining the process (including vote-to-release)
  • Endgame planning - next two weeks are end of major coding, then we need to consolidate for M9, follwed by the 1.0 rampdown. Endgame schedule should be published for next week.
  • Plugin version numbers still need to be bumped to 1.0 (will happen coincident with new feature introduction this week)

Action Items

  • [TW] Post new WTP Charter to Website and notify EMO [DONE]
  • [TW] Need release train planning document - push Planning Council to produce this (email sent; tracking status). (held over; no progress from PC last week)
  • [TW, etc.] Continue work on IP log in preparation for release review.
  • [TW] Follow up with Bjorn on release review date/time and publicize.
  • [TW] Begin endgame planning for PMC review next week (will baseline off 0.7 plan).
  • [TW] Contact Eddie O'Neill re: Beehive JSR 181 processing in WTP 1.5.
  • [TW] Verify (or add) APT presentation to WTP archives.
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, November 1, 2005

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