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PMC Conference Call - May 10, 2005

WTP PMC Minutes for May 10, 2005 Conference Call

Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], Christophe Ney [CN], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR], Dominique De Vito [DD], Naci Dai [ND]

No procedural matters

No community update [LM]

M5 Planning

  • Continuing with provisional naming scheme where appropriate
  • Geronimo adapter added

Architecture Group Report this week

  • See email posting for full group status
  • Component open houses begin 5/19
  • Kevin Haaland (platform team) asked to provide contact for working on 3.2 project model issues (w.r.t. platform integration)

No Requirements Group Report this week

Performance Testing Server Support

  • Arthur and Jeffrey Liu providing detailed written requirements for transmission to the EMO

Release Review

  • BIRT review occurred; AR, TW, and others participated in process
  • EMO communicated that provisional naming scheme is desired for WTP

Clarifying API Conformance Rules

  • PMC voted to allow non-API base classes where warranted, with the understanding that the public facade created is still the responsibility of the provider
  • AR to check with Jim diRiviera on platform's perspective

Action Items

  • AR: talk to jeem about non-API base class "rule" in platform
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, May 10, 2005

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