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PMC Conference Call - May 3, 2005

WTP PMC Minutes for May 3, 2005 Conference Call

Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR], Dominique De Vito [DD], Naci Dai [ND]

No procedural matters

Community Update [LM]

  • Just over 8K downloads of M4 to date
  • Working with Ian Skerrett (EMO) and Pieter Humphrey (BEA) on WTP 1.0 press release
  • Articles in technical journals need to be written to build awareness of WTP; see Lawrence or Ian to participate
  • Arthur, Jochen writing for JDJ

M4 API and Release Debrief

  • All APIs met exit criteria except the (EMF-generated) J2EE model; dynamic tracing coverage of that is now over 50%, but we will still likely have a testing shortfall. Mitigation: Early in M5, close on 100% coverage for this component.
  • API violations: Our API violates its own requirements (e.g., return types that are not in the API). Need to address this, including defining exactly what constitutes a violation (subclassing non-API classes/interfaces?).
  • [AR] Suggest starting shutdown sequence a week early to increase M5 ship date reliability. Need to limit destabilizing changes in shutdown sequence; a lightweight approval process may need to be in place for M5, which will serve as a rehearsal for GA convergence.
  • [ND] I-builds not getting to sufficient quality; creates drag on M-builds. May have a better chance with M5 since APIs are in place. Some tutorials/examples out of date with respect to M4 codeline. (Lawrence Mandel is organizing the effort to correct them.)

Date And Release Changes

  • M5 moved to 7/1 to enable sufficient time for development and convergence.
  • PMC approved requirements group provision of a Dec. 15, 2005 hardening release plan (to be numbered 1.1)

No Architecture Group Report this week

No Requirements Group Report this week

Performance Testing Server Support

  • Need JSP and Derby on server to enable WTP performance testing
  • PMC approved making request of the EMO

Action Items

  • TW: work with Paul Meijer on Dr. Dobbs or other WTP article
  • AR: additional detail around performance testing infrastructure requests
  • AR: conversation with Roel Stalman regarding Oracle's EJB 3.0 plans and future integration with WTP
  • TW: conversation with Steve Todd regarding Borland's use of WTP and possible seat on WTP requirements group
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, May 3, 2005

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