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PMC Conference Call - April 26, 2005

WTP PMC Minutes for April 26, 2005 Conference Call

Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Arthur Ryman [AR], Dominique De Vito [DD], Jochen Krause [JK]

No procedural matters

No community update this week

M4 Readiness

  • Tuesday build should include at least 5 of the 12 remaining unresolved blocking-or-critical issues
  • Non-trivial churn occurring, but still appear to be on track for a Friday milestone release
  • No 3PC issues known at this time (although some non-blocking 3PC, such as DTDs, still need to be added)

API Review

  • Summary: 52% JUnit coverage, 96% JavaDoc coverage on 2,674 APIs.
  • Dynamic tracing of project model APIs raised measured coverage from 25% to 35%; more testing (on full suite) still pending and delayed on other bugs

Architecture Group Report [DW]

  • Component meetings are scheduled for six weeks on Thursdays, starting in May; interested consumer of WTP and others are invited (meetings are open to the public)
  • "State of the Architecture" Report as of M4:
    • Too many plugins; some consolidation is warranted
    • Feature split-up, based on user expectations/scenarios into functional areas being considered in M5
  • M4 exit: need to issue a clear statement that "internal provisional" APIs means that we're interested in feedback, but that these are still internal and not API quality
  • No "friend" APIs will be defined in 1.0; will look into this in subsequent releases
  • During M5 we need to review the number of violations of platform APIs
  • State of APIs on M4 exit: "ready for review" means that community feedback is being sought
  • EMF models: need to clarify which parts are in/out of the API; see AG notes (ongoing issue, AG working with component leads on this)

Discussion of Possible Hardening Release [JK]

  • Discussed a possible hardening release, circa 12/15/2005, focusing on APIs, performance, and usability
  • Would advance ability of ISV's to build on WTP
  • Likely numbered "1.1"; work on next major release (2.0?) could occur in parallel on a separate branch
  • Issues - coordination with WTP prereqs (EMF, GEF, etc.); believe these should be tractable
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, April 26, 2005

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