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PMC Conference Call - April 5, 2005

WTP PMC Minutes for April 5, 2005 Conference Call

Attending: Tim Wagner [TW], David Williams [DW], Jochen Krause [JK] Others: Lawrence Mandel (representing WTP community) [LM]

Procedural matters

  • Please note that US is now on daylight savings times; the PMC calls will occur at 7am PDT.

Community [LM]

  • Internal build working, more help files done, migrated to M6. Still working on releasing to WTP build process.
  • No new conference notices.
  • Greater dev involvement in newsgroup answering questions (increased responsiveness to user community).
[PMC members only for the remaining portion of the meeting]

API Review

Requirements Group Report [JK]

Architecture Group Report [DW]

  • Ted Bashor and Chuck Bridgham volunteered to update the architectural overview document.
  • XSL contribution under review; may need to create new component as a home for it.
  • M6 migration resulted in a variety of build problems; platform “ripple effect” was severe (see bug #90231).

XPDL Proposal [JK]

  • From JK email: OpenWide is planning to work on an XPDL editor that integrates with web tools and they would be interested in contributing to the project. Does the PMC consider XPDL to be a “de jure” standard?
  • JK: We are not precise about which standards bodies we admit to WTP; need to clarify our position. Agreed to table this until next meeting (need quorum).

Action Items:

  • TW: finalize dates for release reviews with EMO
  • TW: provide LM with BEA conference information related to WTP

Tabled Items for Next WeekÂ’s Agenda

  • Refining list of standards bodies admissible for WTP use.
  • XPDL proposal.
  • Product-facing forum(s) for WTP 1.0 features (suggested by JK).
Minutes taken by Tim Wagner, April 5, 2005

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