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PMC Conference Call - Februar 8, 2005

Attending: David Williams, Christophe Ney, Arthur Ryman, Jochen Krause

Web Site

  • Merge mileston planning into one document (add a topic to the plan items) - Arthur
  • Update development conventions and guidelines, merge with WTP development practices - David
  • Create howto for checking out projects from map files - David
  • Remove links to obsolete info (project sets) - Arthur
  • Update link to working groups with info about components - Jochen

Requirements Track

M3 Update

  • Publish dates relevant to the M3 release with regard to testing, builds, ... - David


  • Congratulations to ObjectWeb for obtaining the J2EE 1.4 certification for Jonas
  • Foster further adoption of Eclipse within ObjectWeb (e.g. Workshop at the next ObjectWeb architecture meeting) - Christophe
  • Conference call notes will be published directly to the webtools website and copied to the pmc mailing list

Minutes taken and posted by Jochen Krause, February 8, 2005


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