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PMC Conference Call - Februar 1, 2005

Attending: David Williams, Dominique De Vito, Arthur Ryman, Mitch Sonies, Marshall Culpepper, Jochen Krause

Licensing Issues

  • Contribution form not required for JBoss, since all code was developed as part of the WTP project
  • Final form of committer questionnaire awaiting completion by the Eclipse parent
  • Action items: None

Marketing Track

  • Set up analyst presentations in conjunction with EclipseCon
  • Calendar conflict between JBoss & W3C events noted
  • Lawrence Mandel will present marketing activity summary at start of weekly PMC calls
  • Action items: Mitch Sonies to coordinate with Ian Skerrett at Eclipse

Requirements Track

  • Functionality now substantially set for 1.0 release
  • Action items: Jochen Krause to collect additional requirements

Web Site

  • New site content has been posted
  • WTP now a top-level site (not pages within
  • Moving site to XML/XSLT stylesheets and eliminating use of frames
  • ANT scripts developed
  • Action items: Arthur Ryman: post site editing FAQ. All: please report any broken links.

M3 Update

  • Proceeding on course. Next step will be Feb10 interim build of M5 of base. (Will provide support for Web services and Axis.)
  • Third-party code is being factored out as plug-ins to simplify hosting & licensing issues
  • Action items: none

Minutes taken by Mitch Sonies and posted by Jochen Krause, February 3, 2005

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