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PMC Conference Call - January 4, 2005

Attending: David Williams, Christophe Ney, Arthur Ryman, Mitch Sonies, Naci Dai, Jochen Krause

Tracking code contributions

  • Adrian Cho currently designing the form for contributors
  • Size of a contribution is as small as 2 lines of code to correct a bug

M2 post-mortem

  • Was released on time with expected features - BRAVO!
  • Licensing information is missing (Action item: Jochen to resolve this (P1))
  • Documentation is still poor
    • Documentation to be high priority for M3
    • IBM will contribute online help (but links to commerial product need to be reworked)
  • build process to be improved
    • Several problems identified with existing Eclipse Build tools
    • strategy is to submit bug report to them and develop alternative tools with Ant task (Naci)
    • should automate the process of promoting the build to a milestone release
    • Missing update Manager
    • test going on with the Derby team
    • open discussion when some feedback available from Derby experience
    • Jeff Lou to look at the process for WTP to use Eclipse Update Site

Milestone plans for M3-M4

  • target for component leads to provide milestone plan within 15 days
  • arthur team looking at automation of milestone plan compilation


  • Arthur to send a note to wtp list for cvs access on web site
  • Jochen to design a "new and noteworthy" page
  • Material used during conferences to be published after the events
  • Upcoming event page to be created (ObjectWebCon, EclipseCon)
  • Next Meeting on Tuesday (Jochen and Christophe will not attend)


Minutes taken by Christophe Ney and posted by Jochen Krause, February 7, 2005


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