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PMC Conference Call - December 21, 2004

Attending: David Williams, Christophe Ney, Arthur Ryman, Mitch Sonies, Naci Dai, Dominique de Vito

Excused: Jochen Krause, Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Topic Discussed

  • Proposal for web site structure enhancement should be ready by tomorrow
    • will post the url to pmc for comment tomorrow
  • M2 readiness
    • some problem with server tools seems to be resolved
    • a lot of anoying little problem make this release not very high quality but no show stopper
  • plan for releade build
    • Naci to post a note on the dav list with the plan
  • Third party jars
    • Adrian Cho (lawyer at IBM) to work with Dominique on resolving this legal issue
  • Proposal to evaluate the TCP-IP sniffer (Test Tools)
    • David Lauzon to open feature request on this
  • For information
  • Arthur suggest to Announce ObjectWebCon on WTP project web site and to announce this event on the newsgroup
  • Mitch and Arthur to discuss web site content and make a proposal
    • Putz together a press release for all WTP related events at EclipseCon
  • EclipseConference
    • 3talks, a poster, a panel, a BOF and the code camp
    • Lawrence Mandel will be working with Arthur as Ecosystem evangelist, he will help organizing

Next Call

No call next week, next call an January, 4th


Minutes taken by Christophe Ney and posted by Jochen Krause, February 8, 2005


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