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PMC Conference Call - November 30, 2004

Attending: Jochen Krause, David Williams, Dominique De Vito, Arthur Ryman, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Christophe Ney

Committer Inventory by Bjorn

  • Dominique and Bjorn are puzzled about what we are supposed to be doing. Action item: Bjorn will ask Mike exactly what we need to do for this.

Code Contribution Inventory by Bjorn

  • The work is distributed between Arthur and Naci; IBM has done theirs; Dec 2 for the redistribution inventory from IBM

Marshall Culpepper Committer Vote by Dominique

  • Positive vote = welcome to Marshall as a committer

CVS and Website by Arthur and Bjorn

  • Denis has prototyped the "website in CVS but served via Apache" scheme
  • Arthur will do the work of moving the website to CVS and then send Denis an email to ask him to make the process change
  • The people with WebDAV write access will become committers

M2 Shutdown by David

  • David will post plan to website
  • component leads will write new & noteworthy
  • new & noteworthy consolidation will be done by Jochen
  • discussion of how to build and what plugins to load and why it won't build
  • we need more documentation about how to build the system and how to develop the system
  • who is creating the tutorial? what's the plan? who is creating the development test plan? who is creating the build tutorial? what are the features?
  • We should not end M2 until we meet the exit criteria = "builds correctly; has tutorial?"
  • simulate what a contributor would be doing.

M2 Status by David 

  • The test plans should be published by 12/10; component leads should write them
    • 12/10 (Friday) - candidate build for M2 (on Eclipse M3), component test plans complete, component teams (and community) begins "milestone testing". 
    • 12/20 (Friday) - upgrade build for final candidate build (include Eclipse M4, and "most recent" versions of pre-req projects). 
    • 12/20 to 12/22, "regression tests" with new base/pre-reqs. 
    • 12/22 (Wednesday) milestone M2 declared and promoted.
  • Naci will remove the unspec'ed items from the features (e.g., web services), but they can stay in CVS 
  • We seem to be on track for our high priority M2 items and some medium M2 items

Help Wanted List

  • Bugzilla filtering is Bjorn's top desire
  • The idea is to have a list of things that the project needs help with, tasks ranging from a couple hours here and there up through major efforts
  • Dominique will write it up and circulate a proposal to PMC
  • Then we'll put in on the newsgroup and the website

Project Granularity by Arthur

  • Which Eclipse features should we distribute
  • We should host an update site as well as the straight binary download (in fact, one might argue that we should only have the update site)

On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion of how the Requirements, Planning, and Architecture groups are functioning
  • Requirements
  • M2 Shutdown Plan
  • Report from the Planning Council

Minutes taken and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson,, December 4, 2004

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