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PMC Conference Call - November 16, 2004

Attending: Jochen Krause, David Williams, Dominique De Vito
Regrets: Arthur Ryman, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Christophe Ney

PHP Project by Dominique

  • Contact with the PHPEclipse project. This project already uses some WTP components and is expected to follow WTP components evolution. Discussion on-going to see if the team is interested in an Eclipse project - one that fits well with WTP?

Planning Group and M4-M5 Milestones by Dominique

  • Planning Group a bit late : feedback from Naci is not yet taken into account, the same for work on bugs into BugZilla
  • A page 'help wanted' for calling external help, in specific area, has yet to be defined
  • Component leaders will be helpful to finalize of the milestone plan

EclipseCon and ObjectWebCon events about WTP by David, Jochen

  • WTP tutorials will be presented during EclipseCon, technical details will be given during the code camp
  • ObjectWebCon will host also WTP presentations, for example, a SSE presentation by Innoopract/Jochen

Talk about M2

  • David plan for WTP M2 testing has got positive feedback, looks OK
    • 12/10 (Friday) - candidate build for M2 (on Eclipse M3), component, test plans complete, component teams (and community) begins "milestone testing". (typically, there might be 2 to 3 days of "formal testing" but its up to each component team, to satisfy their test plan, plus, hopefully, the community will pick up builds and find some bugs for us).
    • 12/20 (Friday) - upgrade build for final candidate build (include Eclipse M4, and "most recent" versions of pre-req projects).
    • 12/20 to 12/22, "regression tests" with new base/pre-reqs.
    • 12/22 (Wednesday) milestone M2 declared and promoted.
  • M2 content: all items with high and medium priority should be ready with M2, we have to check with Naci about EJB Wizard
  • M2 content may be modified depending on component leaders feedback

Code refresh and build process by David

  • Code refresh still ongoing into CVS, end expected next week
  • Build process has yet to be fixed as soon as possible

On the Queue for Next Week

  • 'Making noise' by Mitch
  • M2 Milestone planning by Bjorn
    • Features; schedule; testing; releasing
  • Project granularity by Arthur
  • Requirements

Minutes taken by Jochen Krause and Dominique De Vito, and posted by, Dominique De Vito , November 16, 2004

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