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PMC Conference Call - November 2, 2004

Attending: Naci Dai, Dominique De Vito, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Jochen Krause, Mitch Sonies, David Williams
Regrets: Christophe Ney

Meeting Time by Bjorn

  • The conference call has, by consensus, been moved earlier by one hour.

Jens Lukowksi Committer Vote by Dominique

  • More than ten positive votes and on negative votes were received. The PMC agreed with the committers that Jens should be elevated to committer status.

Server Adapters by Naci

  • We will host adapters for commercial servers as long as the adapter is open source and there is a developer attached to the project for maintenance.
  • We will encourage companies to host their own update site for their adapter so that the company can make changes, point releases, etc. without being tied to the WTP release cycle.
  • Rationale: we will define a stable API for adapters, but the companies should do their own builds of their own adapters.
  • We are considering an extension point that allows advertising of adapter update sites. This would provide a scheme for third-parties to have adapters hosted elsewhere but still easily usable from within the WTP tools.  Naci and Arthur will create a feature request in Bugzilla.

Pagnagotis's patches and the wtp-dev mailing list by Bjorn

  • We must be more responsive to community input. We all agreed to this.
  • We also suggest that patches be submitted via bugzilla for ease of tracking.

WST Components and Leads by Arthur

JST Components and Leads by Naci

WTP Contributors Page by Bjorn

CVS and Website by Bjorn

  • Simple single CVS project that can be edited with Eclipse
  • Server-side script will copy the HEAD of the CVS tree to the website whenever the HEAD changes

On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion the WebDAV component (reflexion in progress)
  • 'Making noise' by Mitch
  • M2 Milestone planning by Bjorn
    • Features; schedule; testing; releasing
  • WTP recontribution plan by Arthur
  • Planning group by Dominiqie
    • PHP Editor; M4-M5 milestone plan
  • Bug validation by Bjorn
  • Technology PMC SOA proposal - what to do? by Bjorn
  • Project granularity by Arthur

Minutes taken by, and posted by, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, November 2, 2004

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