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PMC Conference Call - October 26, 2004

Attending: David Williams, Mitch Sonies, Naci Dai, Christophe Ney, Dominique De Vito

Planning Comittee Status by Dominique

  • Good news about the new infrastructure: the new webmaster is very helpful and quick to reply !
  • Our 2 new committers, Valeriy Pelyushenko and Gorkem Ercan, have now their committer rights
  • According to email exchanges with some OSS Eclipse plugins' teams, the WTP project appears now more attractive to new contributors
  • We are waiting the Bjorn's return about the contact with Alex Fitzpatrick from the OSS JSEditor Eclipse plugin
  • Uwe Voigt, of the DbEdit plugin, would be interested in bringing his experience and knowledge into the WTP project
  • Ed Merks, from the XSD Eclipse technology project, seems interested to work on WTP schema capabilities. To confirm.
  • Exchange of emails with Pollinate for a better WTP/Pollinate synchronization and a better WTP milestones planification. In short term, Pollinate is interested in JSP editor and flexible project layout. In a longer term, Pollinate is interested in Web Services support (not before Q2 2005).
  • Dominique to post M4-M5 draft, this evening, on wtp-pmc, for first comments and then, on for community comments

Charter by Christophe

  • To resolve a potential ambiguity in the charter about committer vote approval, we have voted 'yes' for the charter change proposal of the previous week.
  • The committer vote approval for Jens Lukowski is still on-going. Due to the charter change, the time counter is reset to zero and this vote process will last no more than 7 days, starting from now

Milestone Dates by David

  • David mentionned WTP M2 should be based on Eclipse 3.1M4, not on 3.1M3 as stated by the current milestone plan. Everyone agrees.
  • Dominique to do the correction of that mistake on

Adoption Rate of Contributed Code by Naci

  • Continued discussion of how quickly to put the contributed code into CVS.
  • Naci brings the idea of an incubator, a space for code under review, before putting it into CVS.
  • Should we define a workflow for acceptation of code in main stream WTP codebase !?
  • David proposed the idea to put code into CVS, that may be, or not upon status, part of the builds.
  • We need to formalize better, to write down somes notes about the review process and the CVS acceptance
  • David is going to check the Eclipse development process and to highlight that process to look for guidelines

On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion the WebDAV component (reflexion in progress)
  • 'Making noise' by Mitch

Minutes taken by Christophe Ney, October 26, 2004, and posted by Dominique De Vito, the following day

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