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PMC Conference Call - October 19, 2004

Attending: Bjorn Freeman-Benson, David Williams, Jochen Krause, Mitch Sonies, Naci Dai

Flexible Project Support Working Group by David

  • Who is on this working group?

Charter by Bjorn

  • To resolve a potential ambiguity in the charter about voting, we propose to vote next week to propose to the Eclipse Board the following changes (highlighted) to the WTP Project Charter:
    "Once a Developer is nominated, the Committers for the Project (or component) will vote. Voting will remain open for one week (seven calendar days). If there are at least 3 positive votes and no negative votes in that period, the Developer is recommended to the PMC for commit privileges."

Milestone Dates by David and Naci

  • We have changed our milestone dates to be one week after the corresponding Eclipse Platform milestone dates and have annotated our milestones with the Platform milestone version they will be built upon.

FAQ by Bjorn

  • We don't have a FAQ yet, but we need one. We decided the best process to create the FAQ is to have a Bugzilla component for the FAQ and use that to drive the FAQ creation. We have requested the Eclipse infrastructure person to create the FAQ component.

Adoption Rate of Contributed Code by Jochen

  • Continued discussion of how quickly to put the contributed code into CVS; whether the code should be put in CVS before being reviewed, after being reviewed but before being refactored, etc. The issue remains open.

M1 How Did We Do? by David and Naci

  • A series of measures of our progress:
    • Made the M1 date: yes
    • Promised function: mostly
    • Unit tests complete and running as "passed": no
    • Test plan with use cases: no
    • Function available one week before milestone: no
    • Design and APIs reviewed and issues answered before milestone: no
    • Community-users buy-in and/or excitement: no - no announcement, no link to download page, no tutorials/examples/where to start, no new/noteworthy
    • Included community contributed code: yes
  • For the M2 release, we need to behave more like a real software project including:
    • A development process document including the freeze-build-test cycle and when to freeze, when to provide the first integration build, testing, fixing, labeling in CVS, how to notify the world, etc. Include the list of tasks that committers must complete to be part of the M-Build (no more last minute dependency errors).
    • A list of the built packages: WTP binary, WST binary, WTP SDK, WST SDK, Tests. Not that JST requires WST, so there is no separate JST binary or JST SDK.
    • A requirement that no component be included in the release if there are no tests. The lack of unit tests and a test platform is our single biggest deficiency.

On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion the WebDAV component
  • Planning group report
  • Milestone planning for M2

Minutes taken by Bjorn Freeman-Benson and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson, October 19, 2004

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