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PMC Conference Call - October 12, 2004

Attending: Arthur Ryman, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Christophe Ney, David Williams, Dominique de Vito, Jochen Krause, Mitch Sonies, Naci Dai

Personnel by Bjorn and Dominique

  • The committers have voted to promote Gorkem Ercan to Committer. The PMC concurred and has informed the EMO.
  • The PMC appointed Dominique de Vito to the PMC.
  • Panagiotis Korros has contributed a number of project files to help developers and will soon be listed on the contributors page.
  • Thanks to both Gorkem, Dominique, and Panagiotis for their positive contributions so far and we look forward to more of the same.

IBM Update by Arthur

  • The IBM Team is soon coming off their internal product push and will be refreshing the IBM code contribution in a couple weeks.
  • In the meantime, they are going to rename their existing code from to org.eclipse and commit it to CVS so that people can start to work on it.
  • Integrate the Exadel enhancements to the SQL scrapbook and begin working on an improved SQL source editor

Derby by Arthur

  • Suggestion that we include the Apache Derby binary in the WTP distro. Pros and cons were discussed; there are many issues involved, more than can be summarized quickly. We decided not to include the binary currently and instead to convince the Apache group to host an Eclipse updates site.

M1 by Naci

  • We are on target to produce M1 on October 15th.
  • We are going to rename the CVS directories as per the Eclipse standards before the M1 build.
  • M1 has not been extensively tested, but we decided it is better to get an M1 out for feedback from the community than it is to achieve perfection. We will schedule a longer test pass for M2.
  • Action item (Dominique): expose our integration builds on the website. The builds are on the download server, but there is no link.
  • Action item (Bjorn): write up the New & Noteworthy.

Marketing Group Update by Mitch

  • We are putting together an initial marketing plan, but we acknowledge that we are different than other Eclipse top-level projects because we don't have a dedicated corporate marketing team.

On the Queue for Next Week

  • Discussion the WebDAV component
  • Planning group report
  • Discussion of changes to Charter

Minutes taken by Bjorn Freeman-Benson and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson, October 12, 2004

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