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PMC Conference Call - September 22, 2004

Attending: Naci Dai, Dominique de Vito, Christophe Ney, David Williams, Mitch Sonies

Code base progress report by Naci and David

  • JST subproject on M1
    • Usefull conference call last week on generic server API
    • Progress made on generic server code
    • How to contribute a server tool document draft to be published today
  • JST subproject on M2
    • JBoss will be contributing EJB Wizards
    • BULL will be contributing mapping tools
  • Structured Source Editor
    • API clean up on going
    • Usefull conference call last week on Structured Source Editor

Planning Group report by Dominique & Christophe

  • Some report is missing for vision of progress been made. Need reports on the following:
    • Arthur on WST subproject (structured source code editor, data tools)
    • Jochen on requirements
  • New resource commitments from JBoss and SAP. Currently investigate engagement of those resources
  • Difficulties to engage resources with Librados (no response) and XQuark (very limited at this point)
  • New contacts : Orbeon, Sysdeo, Thales TRT

Publicity by Mitch

  • Mitch will expose next Monday a draft plan
  • Mitch will need very focused articles:
    • typically of interest to small companies
    • for publication on IBMs dev. corner - works, Java development journal
  • Press release opportunity at IBM software group press event, November 1 - decision for Press Release postponed

Architecture Group report by David

  • No progress to report

Minutes taken by Christophe Ney and posted by Dominique De Vito, September 30 2004

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